Missed you.

No idea if things’ll stick with this reboot, but I couldn’t let things lie how they were, hacked and brought down, that godawful stylesheet I had before, all of it. Managing my Twitter addiction had me reclaiming some of my attention and pining for some longer-form stuff, so here I am.

Stripped-down stylesheet that still sucks because I don’t do web design, comments turned off, down to brass tacks. Clean slate. So.


So I’m not ultimately decided on direction, and I think I’m just going to let things work themselves out there, or not. I’ve got a few things I want to talk about, but I’m not entirely sure I have much to say about them.

See, I’m a husband, a father of two, and I have a job that lately has gotten very busy. Thinking about these things has raised questions that I think are interesting—critical, as far as my identity and self-worth go, and I’m pretty sure I’m not alone here, so I’d like to discuss them. Then again, all of these things leave me with little energy and less time, so who knows if I’ll stick it out. No promises or apologies will be forthcoming.

But I hope I stick it out. I hope I do something worth reading. And I hope you read it.

I want to talk about parenting. I want to talk about work. I want to talk about priorities. I want to talk about doubts and fears. I want to talk about falling short and giving up. I want to talk about things that are awesome. And yeah, I want to talk tools and workflows.

Comments are off because. Because I don’t want to monitor a blog, I just want to write something and move on.You’re welcome to give me one-on-one feedback (in fact, I encourage it), but this is not a community. This is a place for me to write in public and be terrible at it until I get to be less terrible at it. So I’ll stick my fingers in my ears and shout before running back inside.

Soon enough I’ll spin the Wheel of Topics and see what comes up. Probably we’ll start broad.

Stick around, okay?