Squarespace Is Made of Sasquatch Poems, It's That Valuable

So the hurricane hit the east coast. My web host, Squarespace, is in NYC. They put out a notice saying sorry, we're pretty much going offline because of this, and we'll be back up in no time, pinky swear.

I checked in on Halloween to schedule my last post, and lo and behold, they were up. Already?

In fact, they haven't gone down. They haven't gone down because they're running a generator to keep their servers going. They don't have a solution to pump fuel in, because their basement flooded. So how are they fueling the generator?

They're hauling in fuel in buckets.

By hand.

Up 17 flights of stairs.

While pumping water out of their basement.

All night long.

This, people, is a company that wants your business. If you need web hosting and don't give them your money, you are literally torturing puppies. It's that bad.

I have rarely been as happy to be doing business with anyone as I am with Squarespace, especially after hearing how they've faced the storm and its aftermath. Guys, my money is yours to lose. No one will lure me away.

This is not a sponsored post, just to clarify. I am waaaaaaay too small to attract sponsors. Squarespace is just that good to me, and I want to pass on the love.

Go to Squarespace for your hosting needs, or I will never stop punching you.