Okay, So I Lied

So I said I was changing up the site, moving it to a responsive design that's more phone-readable.

Totally lied to you guys there.

Actually, change of heart. What I had intended was to yoink out the CMS and replace it with Marco Arment's excellent Second Crack static blog engine. Markdown-based, works with Dropbox, lean, mean, etc.

But I spent too damn much time tinkering with it. It would have been awesome once I got it set up and running, but my tolerance for pricking about with my tools dies a little more every day.

Also, the new design was indeed responsive, which I'm proud of, because I'm not a web designer. However, it was also complete ass, because I'm not a web designer. I was never going to be happy with it.

So instead I ditched my old host for Squarespace. Easier, prettier, good templates (not responsive until they let me into the new version beta PLEASE JESUS), and fewer headaches.

And here I be, happy as a clam. If anything looks weird, ding me on the Twitter or drop me a line.