Heads Up

Just a quick heads up for the three of you who actually follow me:

I’m going to be moving this blog over from the CMS it’s currently on to a static blog engine pretty soon. That way there’s no database to hack, very little maintenance, and when I inevitably make the front page of Reddit, they won’t crash the site.

Because word’s gonna get around, man. Word’s gonna get around.

I only bring it up in case you have me in your RSS feeds. There’s a non-trivial chance (which is to say pretty much guaranteed certainty) that this site’s feed is going to go all eeybita eeybita and smoke will pour out of your computer and then Kelly LeBrock will show up in panties and a cropped t-shirt and wreck your house. Or, even worse, you may have to re-subscribe.

So, sorry in advance, is what I’m saying. Because setting up stuff like this pretty much never goes smoothly.

With the new site will come an even simpler stylesheet (begone, sidebar) that’s waaaaaay more mobile-friendly. No more zoom-a-zoom-zoom in your boom boom.

Basically I have to do some IE testing, then some swearing, then some fixes and more testing, then it’ll be up and running. I’m hoping by the end of next week, but who knows.