Almost Certainly Unrelated Links

Fake George Lazenby: "The more sophisticated your interactions with the world become, the less worthwhile doing anything for its own sake begins to seem. Until play ceases to be the point of being awake and becomes instead the anesthetic that makes awareness bearable."

Eddie Smith: "And so when someone, even early in life, gets an itch to do something that doesn't conform to social stereotypes, it's met with a paralyzing mental dissonance. If America was a polytheist society, Risk would surely play a Satanic role." [Note: QUIT! is an excellent show. Highly recommended.]

Neil Gaiman: "'Kids are so much braver than adults, sometimes, and so much less easily disturbed,' he says. 'Kids will make their nightmares up out of anything, and the important thing in fiction, if you're giving them nightmares, is to demonstrate that nightmares are beatable.'" (via Merlin)

Li'l Ol' Me: "And, in that moment, it is 1977 and you are in your jammies waving a stick and going VOOM VOOM CSHHHH VOOM and you think holy shit, I never thought I'd get to feel this again and then, you know what? Let him freak out about nothing later. Because stuff like this is why."

Zack Weiner: "When they realized they were in the desert, they built a religion to worship thirstiness."