I Am the Night (Light)

Let's talk stories.


So when Batman's mind was under attack by The Black Hand, did Batman give up?

No. No, he did not.

He sought the ritual of Thögal, a dress rehearsal for death itself. He created a sort of backup mind, a Batman without Bruce Wayne. A man who would do what it takes.


He dressed himself in bright colors. Even his imaginary Bat-Mite thought him mad, yet there was a nonlinear logic in his insanity.


So when you see this thing that I made for my daughter:


You will be tempted to say it is a "Batgirl night light".

And I say you can shove your gender-normative bullshit up your peehole.

Because, though Barbara Gordon is a complete and total badass who got shot in the spine by the Joker and was wheelchair bound and yet fought through all of that to become effective enough to be worthy of the Justice League and saved superheroes' lives with computers, she is not yet on my daughter's radar.

Yet. A three-year-old can't appreciate a story like this.

So when my daughter says "I want a pink Batman night wight", then that is what that is. It will be Batgirl when she's old enough to learn Barbara's story, maybe, but for now it's...


(God bless you, Grant Morrison.)