We don't remember the farmer, we remember the fruit

The whole thing's great, but the money shot's at the end:

A hip hop act that name-checks Bubastis and Aslan and Ramsay Bolton. A band that's named for a semi-obscure joke from "Avatar: The Last Airbender". Yet manages to be not remotely about nerd service and stays true to its roots.

Not to mention they have some badass grooves. And recognize warp drive technology as a valid counterargument to nihilism.

Damn near every time kids or marginalized people get murdered and the usual "thoughts and prayers" do-nothing calliope starts its familiar tooting and wheezing, I recite the last verse of this song in my head as an antidote. Damn near every time.

Whether or not there is a voice willing to speak for us, it's a good thing we know how to yell.

I keep coming back to these guys. It's all worth a listen.