Man, I don't know

This is from a page I found in one of my notebooks just now:

Rocco The Lobster
In a tank in a faux Chinese restaurant
Wondering what happened to the sea
The sea got weird

Flubwablab the Monkey-Faced Loon
monkey-faced looooooooooon
what does he do
he's the Slenderman of farts and tickles
Slenderman of farts and tickles

Murph the Go-Fuck-Yourself Hamster
He has tattoos
And big (for a hamster) fuck-off arms!
He will break a goddamn wheel!

Dewdrop the Radioactive Stabwound

Orifice Joe and his Howling Trapeze Fish

Little Wonky Butt Farts and His Magic Ding-a-Ling of Science!

Then it's a few programming notes and reminders. I have no memory of writing this, and it's in a work notebook.