What It's Like to Have Pea-Sized Confidence With Watermelon-Sized Boobs

For the first time in my life, I could feel my whole body listening. Go here. Come here. Be still. Take charge. Now one, two, three, fly. Like I had practiced as the drunk fawn, I tucked my chin and kicked my legs over my head. But this time Kia's hands were on me the whole time, turning me in the air like I was an anti-gravity baby. I slammed to the ground, screaming to sell the fall. The 12 other women pounded the floor with their feet and fists and howled at the ceiling. Then my moment was over and the next duo scrambled to the center of the ring, taunting an imaginary audience. We were all mermaids with muscle. I howled back at them.

Betty Gilpin, ladies and gentlemen. Turns out she's a damn fine writer, too.

GLOW is a hell of a thing. I stayed up too late last night finishing the first season, grinning like an idiot at her and Alison Brie and all of the others. And I haven't liked wrestling since I was 13.

Via MetaFilter.