Alternate Name Could Be Skele-Dad O'Brian

Got my face did for Halloween. Wanted to be Dr. Manhattan, but I'm too muscley and I'm only allowed to have a blue dong on the high holidays. Part of the pre-nup.

That left a skullhead, which decision was timed pretty neatly with the release of Pretty Deadly. So, stroke of genius: I'm Ginny, by way of Rule 63. Call me...Jimmy? I guess?

Pretty sure I'm the only guy in my state who did this.


Freak Yo Mind, Yo Ass Will Follow

In the spirit of Halloween, I offer you this video of me getting freaked the eff out on a ghost-hunting trip at the abandoned Arkansas State Tuberculosis Sanitorium. Courtesy of my friend David Koon.

(One note: This was filmed using infrared cameras and IR lights, so everything looks nice and bright. In reality, it was pitch black in there. You could hardly see anything.)