I Made It with a Frickin’ Laser


My first foray into laser cutting fabrics. Found some upholstery fabric in a closet, cut the shapes, card slots, and stitch holes, then impregnated the fabric with beeswax and sewed it up last night.

Card slots are too loose, but otherwise it’s a near-unmitigated success. I may be the only man in Arkansas with a wallet that looks like I stole it from Mary Poppins.

So I'm a cornball, so sue me

We just passed the 50th anniversary of humanity setting foot on the surface of the moon. Quite possibly the most awe-inspiring accomplishment in our history.

Often unnoticed are the engineers and programmers who got us there and back again. Well, someone aimed to correct that, and highlight a remarkable woman in a field whose history is jam-packed with remarkable women:

We just got back from seeing the touring production of "Hamilton" last weekend. Coming off of that experience and seeing this tribute inspired me to take one of my favorite NASA photos ever, Margaret with her source code:


And do this:


Better than Drakkar Noir


When you have a friend who makes ads for a living, the one-off text conversation jokes operate on a whole ‘nother level.



It’s been two years since we brought him home all riddled with worms and bugbites. Two years of stepping on metal pencil eraser housings, of LEGO blocks chewed to Dali-esque dimensions. Two years of him giving a piece of his mind to, well, whatever it is past the northwest corner of the fence.


Two years of gazing longingly at dogwoods, yearning for a love that can never be.


Two years of perfecting his are-you-going-to-eat-that Oliver Twist face.


Two years of jockeying for couch position with the kids. And mostly winning.


Two years of mirroring my own distrust of authority with more forthrightness and courage than I ever showed.


Happy Gotcha Day, boogs. Please stay off the dining room table.