Try a Little Tenderness


I got Mugsy an Easter Peep out of the stuffed toy bargain bin. He mostly uses it as a Realdoll.

Right now he's worn out after an all-too-brief tussle, so they're spooning instead.

It's the quiet, intimate moments that build the brightest memories.

Hidden Treasures

I've been hunting for vintage dinner plates online and my tracking cookie ads have gotten unexpectedly great:


This is WAY better than when they show me stuff I already bought on Amazon.

Masturbation Monday

Nick Thune's review (sorta) of "1st of Tha Month" is kind of amazing. Read it.

Then read this review (sorta) of "First Wives' Club 2", which is also pretty great.

The only reason I grouped these things together is because they both have "first" in the title, and I like to celebrate the small things. Even though that's the only thing they have in common.