The 17 Stages of Socializing for Introverts

  1. Hey, man!
  2. Yeah, things are good. You?
  3. Here is the one funny anecdote I prepared
  4. Excuse me, I have to use the bathroom
  5. Yeah, Hamilton, totally
  6. So...
  7. Do we have enough wine for tonight? I can run to the Okay, if you change your mind
  8. Excuse me, bathroom break
  9. Haha, yeah...
  10. No, I'm fine, I just have this bladder thing?
  11. Are you kidding? I love cleaning people's kitchens
  12. Oh, your dog and I are just getting to know each other. This little guy looks like he needs a walk!
  13. I think it might have been that convenience store shellfish
  14. My boss just texted me and I have to go. Work emergency.
  15. Yeah, sometimes we have to do surprise Sunday inventories at the bank.
  16. I know it's 10 pm, banking is weird sometimes
  17. I have anal papilloma virus